Props and Sets
Props, sets, and the projects I worked on them for.
Seppukuckoo Set
Modified and refinished table, replaceable straw mat flooring, and near invisible lines of glistening string crossing the background.
Krill Armor - The Orville
Worked with the MEL crew to produce sets of male and female armor for the Krill.
Riot Helmets - The Walking Dead Attraction
Worked with the MEL crew to produce riot helmets for the Walking Dead attraction at Universal Studios
Riot Helmets - The Walking Dead Attraction
We made these helmets in bulk
Spirit - Descending Spirit
Created bleeding skeleton puppet for a short film.
Lab Specimens - Caihong City
Row of colorful beakers and some other lab specimens. Not pictured - the lab console and giant-sized surgical instruments.
Liu Junjie's Wheelchair - Caihong City
Distressed wheelchair with IV's worked into it, and a crutch used in place of an IV pole.
Liu Junjie's Pod - Caihong City
Small device used by the main character in his attempt to map the city. Designed for integration with VFX (shown here)
Liu Junjie's Broken Pod - Caihong City
Pod with shattered safety glass screen.
Orphan's Dinner - Caihong City
Dead mouse dummy fabricated hours before shooting. Assisted set department in filling the space.
Serioja's Car - Caihong City
Drying purple herbs, totem bag, and set decor assistance
Lebrac's Workshop - Caihong City
Monitor, blue items, hundreds of keys both real and fake.
The Coffee Shop -
Painted spiral pattern on floor.
The Bleeding Guitar -
Guitar with super stretchy elastic strings. In one of my all-time favorite gags, the actor's fingers bleed as he plays, and the blood drips along the strings.
Specimen Jars - Parasite
College project requiring many specimen jars.