Come Be Creepy With Us

2018 Short Film

Created quick-reset water effects

Set up an indoor swamp pond

Sourced prop fish

The Orville

2017 TV Series

Worked for Make-up Effects Lab.

Created fiberglass molds of Krill, Moclan, and Isaac armor elements.

Produced and assembled multiple full sets of armor.


2017 Short Film

Dressed set as a straw mat floor in a void with faintly glittering strings crossing in the background, representing the interconnectivity of all things.

Refurbished tea table and sealed it to prevent the blood from staining it between takes.

Walking Dead Swat Helmets

2017 Universal Studios Theme Park

Worked for Make-Up Effects Lab in North Hollywood.

Assembled two batches of helmets. Lead the assembly team on the second batch.

Bat Demon

2017 Personal Project

Personal project while interning at Make-Up Effects Lab

Lifecast the model and designed/sculpted the appliance

Molded the appliance, ran in foam latex, and punched hair

Applied to model, colored with PAX and Skin Illustrator

Suicide Squad

2016 Feature Film

Intern at Make-Up Effects Lab during re-shoots of the film.

Assisted with casting parts of stunt costumes in rubber.

Assisted with life casts

 Cut out Joker and Harley tattoos.

Farm to Table

2016 Short Film

Prepared edible panna cotta "Brain" for the zombie family to eat

Lifecast the victim and cast the severed head in gelatin 

Descending Spirit

2015 Short Film

Designed and operated the spirit puppet and the stage.

Ran bloodlines and operated bleeding effect.

Perfect World

2015 Short Film

Created multiple gelatin fetuses and an "abortion vacuum" prop.

Caihong City

2015 Feature Film

As propmaster, acquired or fabricated props used throughout the film.

Worked closely with the set designer and the rest of the art department to create the dystopian world of Caihong City.

Assisted the make-up crew and provided some practical effects.

The Woods

2014 Short Film

Key make-up for the female lead and undead.

"Corpsed" an infant skeleton.

Good Boy

2014 Short Film

Pneumatic squib effects for the final shootout

Effects make-up for numerous fights and injuries

Provided firearms and acted as weapon master


2012 Short Film

Produced the film.

Acquired all props, secured and dressed locations. Applied basic makeup to talent.

The Trapper

2011 Short Film

Make-Up Artist

Dressed prop rabbit corpses

Safely latched an animal trap to a character's leg

Point of No Return

2009-2014 TV Series

Provided out-of-kit make-ups and effects on an extremely limited budget.

Acquired or fabricated a variety of props.